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These are the gliders we have in our inventory. Please inquire.
Photo Description Colors Condition Price
Sensor 610 F5 152 Sensor 610 F5 152 fluorescent orange LE, magenta lower surface new please inquire
Sensor 610 145 Sensor 710 145 gold and white nearly new, around 10 hours, factory inspected please inquire
 Reynolds' Sensor 610 F5 138 Sensor 610 F5 138 red and gold
Fantastic little glider with organic, curved, wing morphing lift producing flaps for take-off, approach control and thermaling in VG loose. Low airtime, priced in the mid $4000 range, built two years ago. Contact Seedwings or Jackye Reynolds by contacting Seedwings.please inquire
Kyle's Sensor 610 F3 152 Sensor 610 F3 136 Special order sunburst red and white - beautiful!
Factory refurbished one year ago with 75 hours $1950