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We will report about new developments on this page. Please check back frequently!

Also, please note we have an inventory of new and used gliders that we keep up-to-date here.

May, 2010 - Bob Trampenau inducted into the Rogallo Hall of Fame.

Bob and Nevin Trampenau traveled to Kitty Hawk to receive the great honor to being inducted into the Regallo Hall of Fame. Bob values this award as acknowledgement for a lifelong effort to improve the abilities and safety of the free flight - which turned out a host of key inventions and impulses that inspired the makers of the most beautiful wings known to humankind.

July, 2008 - David Bacon wins the Canadian Nationals in the kingposted class on his Sensor 610 F5.

Congratulations, David! You can view an album of photos and a video of David flying here. Photo credits Trevor Perraton.

Learn more about the Sensor 610 F5.

September 05, 2008 - Seedwings actively marketing the streamlined downtubes again.

Downtubes can now be ordered again for all gliders (not only Seedwings gliders) that have a 7/8" round end fitting plug.

Learn more about the streamlined downtubes.

September 8, 2008 - UP Gliders Select Seedwings' Downtubes

UP Gliders, Joe Spinney and John Heiney start using Seedwings "Freestream" streamlined tubing for their down tubes, king post and replacements. The Seedwings Freestream tubes are in stock from UP gliders for the Predator and Saturn gliders and from Seedwings for the Sensor and other gliders (flex and rigid) that have a 7/8" round end fitting plug.

Visit Up Gliders

September 11, 2008 - The new Sensor 710 Flies!

After almost a year of research and design, the latest child of the Sensor line has a successful, and very promising, maiden flight.

Learn more about the Sensor 710.