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Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I want a Seedwings Sensor?

Although all currently available modern hang gliders have similarities in performance and handling, the Sensor 610 F5 and new 710 have a number of key advantages:

  • Maximum performance: The Sensor's advanced aerodynamics allows you to fly slower with more usable performance then any other kingposted high-performance glider. That means you can circle tighter in thermals with less bank angle and that combined with an efficient planform produced a better climb rate, the reason why Sensors are known for their outstanding climbing capabilities. We believe the race is also in the thermal. But most importantly, with the flaps activated Sensors are very easy to land as well as launch, easier then any other comparable wing.
  • Outstanding workmanship: Just compare the sail of a Sensor with any of the other gliders and you'll know what we mean. Sensor pilots usually fly their gliders for many years without having to deal with stretched-out sails or breaking hardware. For instance, see this discussion about fluttering trailing edges and read what Sensor owner Jason has to say about his over 10 year old wing. Or look at Fred Bickford and how he enters the Chelan Classic competition with his decade old Sensor 610 CF2.
  • Advanced features for performance, safety and longevity set the Sensor in a class beyond the rest. Features like the most reinforced sail in the industry with full-span Kevlar hem trailing edge, the easiest operating wide-range short-through VG with integrated curved flaps, more airfoil profiled fabric shear ribs, the highest VNE speed (65 MPH) and vehicle load test speeds (80+MPH) insuring a robust structure. Sensor's have the highest safety record in the industry and that is because we invented today's steel cable trailing edge reflex bridle system and also the wire-braced washout strut systems back in the late 70's and very carefully today improve and maintain precise application of these systems. 


How long will I have to wait for an ordered Sensor 610 F5?

Sensors are hand crafted and build on demand in small batches. Kingposted gliders currently take between 3 and 4 month to build and test fly. You may have heard of longer delivery times and it is true, when we were building the topless Sensor 610 CF2 through the CF5 it took us much longer then anticipated to complete these much more complex gliders. Unfortunately, this caused some of our customers having to wait longer then we had wished. For that reason we have now focussed on the production of the king posted Sensor 610 F5 and new 710 models, which do not have this problem associated because of the king posted gliders simplicity, economy and practicality. Well, we also believe the kingposted Sensor 610 F5 and new 710's are the sweetest flying high performance hang glider out there, plus they are much lighter of a glider and easier to handle than all topless gliders.