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Seedwings Price List

Effective 12-02-2008. Prices subject to change. Not including VAT for sales within California. Shipping not included.

Description   Retail US$
Hang Gliders    
New king posted Sensors - all sizes, ready to fly, same price all models and sizes
  • One design Seedwings racing Dacron sailcloth technology
  • 10 Removable upper ribs, 4 lower carbon ribs per side
  • 16 Shear ribs or more total, twin nose ribs
  • Lighter weight 7075 T6 airframe and sail technology
  • Streamlined up-rights and handle base bar
  • Raked tip fairings, nose fairing and tail fin
  • Test flown by Seedwings factory test pilot
  • Flaps and VG system
Sensor 710 – 152, new pre-order, one being built now, first come first serve.   6,985.00
Sensor 710 – 145, new pre-order, limited production, approx. 4 months   6,985.00
Sensor 610 F5 – 138, 145, 152 limited production, approx. 4 months   6,985.00
Racing Mylar top surface sail material, special mfg. and tuning   400.00
Carbon composite airfoil shape vacuum molded LE inserts   300.00
1-pair tip washout struts between #8-9 ribs, additional materials and work   300.00
Span split lower surface panels (symmetrical)
Sensor 610 F5 or CF5 new sail, One design Dacron racing sailcloth technology   4,000.00
Used Sensor 610 sails, 1 to 2 dozen to choose from, 3 sizes, some with Mylar, as is   200.00
Used Sensor 411 sails, several to choose from, use for wall hanging   200.00
Tubing, Aluminum    
Streamlined down tubes, specify cut length, glider model, unsleeved, undrilled   65.00
Sleeving, installed 7/8 x 035   15.00
Drilling, 3/16” diameter, at angle   15.00
Complete down tube ready to bolt in place   95.00
Round tubing 2 ¼” x .049 x 12’, per foot price (limited quantities)   4.00/ft
Round tubing 60 mm OD 7075 T6 thin wall x 10’, per foot price (limited quantities)   7.50/ft
Round tubing sizes from ¼” to 2 ½” in walls of .035” to .049 and thicker   please inquire
Replacement 610 spars – specify model, serial number and size glider    
Keel, specify model size & serial#   200.00
Leading edge inboard, ready to rivet in place, specify model, size & serial #
Leading edge cross bar junction section, specify model, size & serial #
Leading edge outboard, with tip socket, specify model size & serial#   225.00
Crossbar, one side, without plates, 6061 T6, 7075 T6 add $100.00 per side
Tubing, carbon    
2.75 OD x .025” x 8’ whole tube   100.00
Wires and Cables    

Lower CB wires, complete set 6 lower wires, specify model and serial #

Pair lower side wires, specify model and serial #




Bridle wires, specify model and serial number each usually   15.00
Top side wire, specify   55.00
Top for/aft wire, includes ball-bearing comp pulley and tail snap hook, specify   65.00
Misc. Parts    
Used Sensor 411 sails, several to choose from, use for wall hanging   200.00
Original 3rd Sunseed, 90% built, original sail half built, w/ LE tip molds   1,000.00
Original Sunseed plans set, not necessarily airworthy or tested much, only for engineering research and historical record from the early 70’s   50.00
Original Petrel fuselage pod and boom, and D tube fiberglass shells   1,000.00
Raw Material    
Composites materials and supplies    
Epoxy laminating resin, priced per gallon for both separately, resin and hardener   65.00
Carbon fiber cloth, 5.7 oz. per sq. yd., 3k, 50” wide, priced per linear yard (see image)
Carbon 100% uni .006 thick x 12" wide (see image), priced per foot
Fiberglass various weights and kinds,
Bleeder/breather ply
Peal ply
Perforated release ply
Vacuum bag film


please inquire


Labor rate per hour, for: Please inquire about prices for consulting, design, CAD and contract work.   60.00